As a patent attorney, I like to advise and assist you:

in searches in the patent literature on novelty of an invention or for determining intellectual property rights of third parties;

in procedures up to grant of intellectual property rights or in the proceeding with regard to intellectual property rights of third parties;

in the proceeding in case of an alleged infringement of an intellectual property right from the perspective of the owner or from the perspective of the alleged infringer.

I have technical experience in fields of electrical engineering and information technology, especially in fields of analog or digital signal processing, medical technology, internet technology, software engineering, simulation technology or control technology.


Please note that confidentiality of the invention must be guaranteed before the filing date (i.e. no specifications to suppliers without confidentiality obligation, no advertising, no sale, etc.), otherwise only in special circumstances, the intellectual property rights are legally valid. Of course, I am treating all information confidential.

Application for an intellectual property right, maintaining confidentiality or publication of an invention

Before deciding to file an application (which is usually published after 18 months), you should carefully check whether it is preferable to maintain confidentiality or whether publication may be more useful. Confidentiality may be considered e.g. for inventions that cannot be identified when having access to the marketed product (taking into account that a third party may obtain a relevant industrial property right and thus disrupt your own commercial activity). Publication may e.g. be useful for inventions that are unlikely to be patentable in view of the prior art, wherein it should become addtionally difficult for a third party to obtain a relevant property right.

Often, the decision about maintaining confidentiality or publication of an invention is made without a patent attorney. However, please contact me should you require advise or assistance.


The logo chosen here illustrates in a simplified manner illuminating in a yellow area the field of tension of blue still secret inventions (e.g. an efficient manufacturing process for a long lasting lamp), of red protected inventions (for long lasting lamps several intellectual property rights currently probably exist) and of green inventions belonging to the free state of the art (e.g. the light bulb of Edison or other known long lasting lamps).